Set Up An Automated Budget Pacing Report With Supermetrics

March 30, 2022

As busy professionals, we all wish we could have a bit more time.Time is always a limiting factor. But in a world of automation, there’s always a way to free up your minutes and make your life a little easier. Let’s get to it! We use Supermetrics to help with this. 

Here’s the simple equation to calculating your budget pacing

=(Total MTD Spend/count(Total Delta Spend))*Number of Days in Current Month

Now that you have the equation above, you need to set up your Google spreadsheet with the necessary information. All you need is 4 columns: Date, Total Spend, Total Budget, and Total Delta. 

Perfect! Let’s say your client, GenelikesJeans provides you with a monthly budget of $31,000 for the month of March on their Google platform.

Fill up the individual dates in March in the Date column (or not since Supermetrics will do that for you), and fill the Total Budget column with the planned daily spend (= Total monthly budget / # of Days in March)

Time to pull up Supermetrics. Navigate to Extensions in the top column > Supermetrics > Launch sidebar.

Set up your Supermetric queries with the appropriate information. If your client uses more than 1 platform, you will need to create extra columns (Date, Total Spend, Total Delta) for each platform. Then include all those data into an Overall Total Spend and Overall Total Delta column. View below for reference regarding 3 platforms: Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

But it’s the beginning of the work week, so we’ll keep it simple.

After you fill up your query on Supermetrics, click on the first row in your Date column THEN click the Get Data to Table button on Supermetrics.

The data for Total Spend column will be pulled into the spreadsheet by Supermetrics


Next, create the total delta equation in each row in the Total Delta column by subtracting a row in the Total Spend and Total Budget columns.


And then, input a Total for all columns at the bottom


Now with the given information, calculate the pacing report using the equation given at the very top.


Note that you will manually have to pull down the Total Delta column to the same row the Total Spend column stops at for the day, since that will not be automated. 


And that’s that! You can now quickly update GenelikesJeans with a monthly pacing report. 

Cheers to more time, less math.