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Scott Desgrosseilliers is the founder and CEO of Wicked Reports. Scott founded Wicked Reports to optimize and accelerate small and medium sized businesses digital marketing ROI. Scott set out to create a solution that would make it simple and easy to determine which marketing programs drive real sales. Prior to founding Wicked Reports, Scott played a key role at Motorola where he architected enterprise intranet applications and led global programming teams. Scott brings a simple, common sense approach to the often overly-complex world of data-driven marketing. He and his team have been intensely focused on getting online business owners data they can trust about what is and is not working in their marketing programs. He passionately advocates tracking Customer Lifetime Value so companies can invest in marketing wisely. Scott has been building databases since he was 11 so it is no surprise that he has a patents pending in people-based tracking of customer lifetime value and marketing attribution.

Posts by Scott

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20 Dec 19

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13 Dec 19

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