5 Work From Home (Anywhere) Productivity Tips

June 01, 2022


Use the following tips to help you gain clarity on your goals and focus on tasks/activities that will move the needle!

  • You’ll be able to get MORE done

  • These tips will help you become ‘indistractable’ and perform at your highest level

  • You’ll find Structure = Freedom

These may sound like common sense, like taking a walk or drinking more water, but the value lies in making them common practice.

Set Weekly Goals Early On in the Week

  • What personal goals do you want to achieve by this week?

    • New account?

    • New project?

    • What do you want to accomplish by Friday

  • Doing so will reduce less time wasted and stress when it comes to steady progression with your development and work

Wake Up Earlier

  • Giving yourself 30 minutes to an hour before signing on can allow you to ease into your day with more control

  • You can grab a coffee, get in a workout, relax and scroll through social media and set your intentions for the day instead of feeling overwhelmed with work tasks right away

Utilize ‘Block Time’ in your work day

  • According to multiple studies, setting 30-50 minute block periods to work on ONE thing allows you to get more done with less distractions. Some examples can include

    • Agenda Prep

    • Email

    • Creative tasks

  • During your block period, you don’t open any other browsers that aren’t relevant to the task at hand.

  • Having discipline to stick to your structured system will provide you more free time and freedom.

Take Hourly Breaks 

  • Sometimes taking 1 step back can allow you to go 2 steps forward.

    • Greater mental energy

    • Improved physical vitality

    • Greater stamina in the work you do (especially if you have meetings and heavy tasks that day)

  • Set a notification on your phone/laptop to go off at the hour mark and take a 2-3 minute break

    • Get up

    • Drink some water

    • Stand in place

    • Close your eyes & take some deep breaths

    • Reset your eyes and look at something far away which is proven to relax the eyes from eye strain. Blue light from screens can be fatiguing on eyes & mind

    • The world’s largest study of productivity that has ever been done with over 2,000,000 data points, 2,000,000 people participating, found that the most productive people tended to take a break at 52 minutes.

Meal Prep

  • Lunch structure at home can vary at home vs in the office

    • Ex. You can be working until 3 and realize you’re super hungry and only to find some junk food in the pantry that’ll hold you over until dinner.

  • Stock up on groceries for the week so that on days you WFH you have your meals and healthy snacks ready

    • Fruits

    • Protein bars

    • Greek yogurt

    • Instant oatmeal

    • Sparkling water

Overall, we believe that a hybrid method is the best way for our team to enjoy working collaboratively in the office as well as the comfort of their own home. However, we understand that there can be unintended consequences such as burnout and distractions working-from-home that can be easily addressed with these simple productivity tips to help you stay focused throughout your work day.