6 Places Perfect for Team Lunches in Downtown Long Beach, CA

October 04, 2022

Here at Four15 Digital, team lunches are a weekly ritual – half the time this team lunch is sponsored by Four15, and the other half are BYOL (bring your own lunch). While these team lunches are optional, all team members enjoy attending if they can, and utilize the time to get to know their coworkers better and connect on non-paid media-related topics. 

Furthermore, many of our team members are proud foodies and avid Yelp users. Over time, we’ve built quite the list of local eateries that are perfect for our team lunch outings. These restaurants are all open for lunch, can accommodate groups of 8-10, and can have your group seated, served, and finished eating within an hour if you’re in a time crunch. Here are some of our favorite places to go for lunch as a team in Downtown Long Beach, CA: 

For the Waterfront Views

  1. Fuego – Hotel Maya 
  • Located in Hotel Maya right along Queensway Bay, the views from this restaurant are breathtaking. We made a reservation for 8 people ahead of time, but reservations weren’t necessary – there was plenty of space available when we got there. The food was okay (a little on the pricey side) but what you’re really paying for is the stellar location. You’ll enjoy views of the water, the boats, the Queen Mary, and the city. Highly recommend sitting outdoors.

For the Foodies

  1. Ammatoli Mediterranean Bites
  • From the beautiful interior to the delicious cuisine, this restaurant is sure to please you and your team for a lunch out. They have outdoor seating but I recommend sitting indoors and taking in the lovely decor. Their freshly made pita bread and hummus is a must. I also recommend sharing appetizers here so everyone can try a few of the different traditional Mediterranean side dishes. As for the entrees: so tasty and the portions are huge. 

The Crowd Pleaser

  1. Yard House
  • We all know this popular chain restaurant for good reason. With the size of their menu, Yard House is a go-to for large groups because it has something for everyone. They have a great selection of shareable appetizers as well. (I recommend the poke nachos!) What’s special about this particular location, in Shoreline Village, is you’ll get to enjoy views of the water and boats while sitting outdoors.

The Best Bang for your Buck

  1. Congregation Alehouse
  • A unique church-themed gastropub with a medieval aesthetic. Our group of 7 came here for a more casual lunch outing. Enjoy burgers and sandwiches under $10, gourmet sausages for $9, 10-inch artisan pizzas under $14, and sides under $5. Their happy hour is available all day long on Mondays. 

For the Ambiance

  1. The Social List 
  • Located on Retro Row (4th street), this restaurant is popular among trendy Long Beach locals. They have great shareable plates if your group enjoys sharing appetizers. For your main dish, choose from craft burgers, sandwiches, flatbreads, and more. This restaurant is a little smaller in size, so I wouldn’t recommend it for groups larger than 8. Come back for social hour for specials on beer and wine. 

Old Reliable

  1. King’s Fish House 
  • This restaurant & bar is conveniently right downstairs to our office – just take the elevator to the first floor and open the door to your left! The place has plenty of space for groups and a huge menu to choose from. Seafood lovers will especially love this one, but there are also classic steak options for those who don’t prefer fish. Shoutout to Steve the bartender – he’s fantastic. 

If your team is based in or near Downtown Long Beach, treat yourselves to lunch and try one of these places! Happy lunching!