What is the experience as an intern at Four15 Digital?

August 04, 2022

Coming to Four15 Digital, there is a 90 Day Onboarding Plan for the intern to follow which is broken down into a week by week basis. The first week will mostly focus on getting comfortable with the different platforms for client communication, work queue, and most importantly gaining access to all platforms for the client’s you will be joining! What you can expect in the weeks following is going through training for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to earn your certifications.

 As you become more familiar with the routine, you will start dipping your toes into client work and support the account manager with different client optimization tasks. I believe this facilitates quicker learning aside from training itself. This will help grow your knowledge about SEM even though you may not be sure how to execute the task at times, always ask your peers! Asking many questions and staying curious is the key to success as an intern. You aren’t expected to know everything as this internship is a time for learning. But if you have prior knowledge of SEM, that is a plus!

 As an intern, you will also help the account manager optimize the client’s account by performing optimization tasks on a weekly basis by performing tasks like performing keyword build, ad copy build, checking for recommendations as well as manage client budget. You will also have the opportunity to join client calls and assist in taking notes and action items that are needed to support the client’s business goals. 

I personally enjoy my time as a 90 Day Intern because I have experienced peers who are always willing to help and answer questions. In addition, what I also enjoy as an intern at Four15 is we also have a work-life balance here! We have our bi-weekly team lunches and occasional Four15 offsite which celebrates team bonding! This is a core value of our company which advocates for working hard and playing hard. Achieving balance between work and play creates harmony and motivates for individual growth. This experience as an intern is truly fulfilling and unforgettable, as the knowledge you learn will impact your future growth. 

Are you curious what it’s like to be at Four15 Digital? Come join the team and find out!