What is culture and why is this important for employees at Four15 Digital?

June 07, 2022


What is culture?

Culture is an overarching term that means embodiment of different attributes such as behavior, values or beliefs of a social group which sets apart from another group. You may think how does this apply to a company and why this is crucial? For incoming employees, culture shapes the working environment.

 Why is culture important to incoming employees?

  • Workplace culture has great impact on employees’ performance – Positive working environment is the seed for employee’s growth and success. Employees become inspired and motivated to become top-performers. When employees succeed, this contributes to the company’s overall success. It’s a win-win situation for both!
  • Having a positive culture impacts employees’ retention – Employees are satisfied and engaged with their working environment and are more likely to stay with the company long-term resulting in lower retention rate.


What factors contribute to culture in a workplace?

  • Mission, Vision, and Value – Having a strong set of core values, vision and mission for the workplace sets apart the company from another. Communication of these values to employees is crucial for strong culture within the company. When employees understand, believes and works toward the mission, this contributes to the company’s success.
  • Workspace Environment – This varies from how offices are decorated or what objects are placed on employees’ desks. Office themes create the overall atmosphere of the company contributing to culture in the workplace.
  • Leadership – Leaders within the company act as the role model for employees. Having a strong leadership who continuously communicates and demonstrates company values while instilling trust drives the company’s success.
  • Communication – Openness to communication, having transparency and having different ways of communications ensure strong connection and collaboration between teams and leaders.


What is culture like at Four15 Digital?

Four15’s empowering mission statement is to motivate employees to be better every day, the company invests in employees’ growth so that this reflects in clients’ success and satisfaction. The vision of F15 is to make the working environment safe and fulfilling that allows employees to thrive. Coming into Four15 on Day 1, the atmosphere is refreshing and fulfilling because of the culture implemented by the organization. The employees’ enthusiasm to support their peers to succeed is evident. Open communication between employees and leaders gives a chance for everyone to give their best input and receive feedback. This ensures a strong connection with the team. Lastly, the diversity of personalities and backgrounds create meaningful experiences for team members to become closer and grow together.

Our motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard” Indeed we do! Four15 Digital rewards employees for their hard work through bi-weekly team bonding lunches and team trips throughout various times of the year. Achieving balance between working hard and having fun is one of the organization’s core values.


Cultivating a strong and positive culture within a company builds a sense of pride among employees. When employees feel proud to work for the company, business thrives and everyone wins collectively! A steadfast workplace culture sets apart a successful company apart from an average company.