Why I hired Enrique

October 28, 2022

Hey Enrique! You asked me to tell you why I hired you. I thought I’d turn it into a blog for the whole world to see, because ‘why not’?

What I loved about your interview was your confidence. It was not the confidence of someone that can be off-putting (the “I’m so great confidence”), it’s the confidence of “Hey, I’m a human, you’re a human, let’s talk and enjoy this hour”. The fact you were your natural self meant a lot to me. Your behavior felt truly authentic. I respect that.

You made everyone comfortable with your presence. When we said things that you perhaps didn’t agree with, you paused, you digested it, and you understood our perspective. I’m not saying you agreed with it, but at least you understood where we were coming from. And if you didn’t agree, I didn’t feel like you held it against us. It showed a maturity I really appreciated — an easy type of maturity with no drama, which is basically not that far off from just being an accepting, considerate person. 

You were open, and honest. You didn’t try and ‘play it cool’. Your attitude was just like  “This sounds great! I hope I get this job!” It wasn’t like “This was a nice interview, there are a lot of factors for me to consider before I say more, but I hope we can figure it out”. While the latter may be what you hear in B-school or something, the former is much more real, and I love ‘real’. 

You were smart…you seemed hard working. But these things mattered less. I’d expect you were hard working if the interview was at all a reflection of how you’ve lived the past 20 or so years of your life. You seemed to approach life in a way where it’d be nearly impossible for you to NOT be smart and hard-working

Basically, you checked all the “he’s a cool person” boxes. You were someone who we all thought “Hey, I’d like to invest in that guy! He’ll listen, he’ll appreciate it, and he’s got a great chance of being great”

And that’s pretty much it!

Or, as I said before, I hired you because you’re awesome!

Hopefully others can learn from you! It had nothing to do with your experience, your college degree, or much of anything else besides who you are. 

Looking forward to the next few years. I’m positive you’ll rise up time and time again in this profession, and at Four15 Digital.