How to Upload Multiple Image Ads Using Google Ads Editor

May 09, 2019

So you’ve gone through the process of designing the perfect image ad of various sizes for a new campaign you’re about to launch, when you realize there are just so many ads to create and launch manually. “It’ll take forever to upload all of these different images!” you think to yourself. What if I told you there was a much faster way? You can just use the handy dandy Google Ads Editor!

Like many mass changes in editor, you’ll need to do some preliminary work in an excel sheet. The most important headers here are going to be Image and Name. If you want, you can also include Campaign, Ad Group, and any other criteria you’d like to specify.

You can grab a template here with all of the headers you could use.

Once you have your excel sheet created, go ahead and select all of the ad image files you’d like to upload. Then, and this is very important, hold SHIFT and right-click on the files you have selected.

You’ll see an option available that says “Copy as path.” Go ahead and click this. Go back to your excel sheet and simply paste it under the header called “Image.”

If you have a name for each ad it will help you stay organized. You can use whatever naming convention you’d like, but we like to specify the dimensions of the ad within the name to help us stay organized.

From here, you simply copy all of the text on this sheet and paste it into the Google Ads Editor interface under Ads>Image Ads

You can either use campaign and ad group names you’ve specified within the excel sheet, or you can go ahead and manually select their destinations with the “Use selected destinations” option.

Once you’ve hit process and checked to make sure everything uploaded correctly, all you have to do is approve of the changes and post your ads! It’s as easy as that.