A Deeper Understanding of Click-Through-Rate on Google Ads

September 02, 2022

It’s easy to understand what clickthrough rate is, the relationship between the number of impressions and clicks, calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

CTR is a definite indication of ad attractiveness and relevance to the user.. it’s easy for us to understand this by relating it to our own experiences. We have all searched for something on the internet and selected something that caught our eye or we felt was the best possible answer to our query.  So, how do we leverage our ads to be clicked on more? There are multiple pieces that can be moved to enhance our clickthrough rate.

  • Copy: we want to make our ad as relevant as possible, the main indicator we have is the query, so making our ad copy relevant to the query is extremely important to make the searcher feel like our listing is the best option for him.
  • Extensions: These can give the user a sense of what the website experience will be. By using sitelink extensions it’s not just an ad, but a map to the site. Users can see what offers you have through callout extensions, or they might finally be convinced by a product image that you had as an image extension.
  • Ad position: If you are like me, you select the first option that answers what you are looking for. This means that if your listing is on the second page, your options of getting clicks are getting a lot smaller. The same thing happens if your ad is not showing in first place compared to your competitor. This image from Search Engine Watch shows you exactly what we’re talking about. The quickest way to improve your click is to get a better position

Source “SearchEngineWatch

Next time you are trying to get more clicks remember that every impression counts and every aspect of your SEM strategy also holds a part of the responsibility.