Bing Action extension – an extension like none other

July 03, 2019

Rarely does Bing lead the charge on new features for search. Over the years of working with the main search platforms Google and Bing I’ve noticed that extensions (and really most features) usually rollout on Google then get adopted in Bing a few months later. This blog post is about the exception from that rule.

The exception are Bing Action Extensions. 

So what are Bing “Action extension” as they are called in the Microsoft Ads platform?

These extensions are essentially a way to extend your ad with a prominent element offering your prospect to another action they can take as they engage with your ad.

With these extensions you have 70 pre-defined calls to action to choose from. Some are industry-specific, like the ones on the screenshot below:

Others are more general CTAs like “Learn More” and such:

Here are the examples of how your ads’ would appear on desktops with an Action Extension present:

On mobile, Bing Action Extensions show up even nicer. The Action button appears underneath the ad:

In addition to displaying somewhat differently depending on the device, Action extensions also offer scheduling functionality. For example, you can deploy your “Directions” Action extension to display during business hours only, or “Chat Now” Action extension during chat support hours.

And for the final feature to mention with Bing Action extensions is that you can customize the Final URL where you want the Action extension to land clicks on your ads.

Bing Action Extension Bonus:

If you advertise internationally, here is a nice file with Action Buttons translated