Custom Rules: How To Turn Google Ads Editor Into a Helpful Assistant

August 02, 2019

One of the most useful tools of Google Ads is the Google Ads Editor. Editor’s built-in and custom rules make your Google Ads Editor work harder for you. They change its nature from a passive database interface to an active assistant that can inform how efficient you are being with your accounts.

In the video below we’ve reviewed the way to set up a custom rule, which can alert you that something in your account is not running as smoothly as you’d like it. For instance, I describe how to put together a custom rule that will alert you to the fact that your Display campaigns are running with targeting optimization on. It is not something that I want to happen in the account that I am looking at, so I demonstrate how quick and easy it is to set the rule that will scan your accounts/campaigns/ad groups/etc any time you are in the editor and alert you to the errors if they satisfy your violation criteria.

Here is the new version of the custom rule video: 


In the following screencast I go over the built-in Google Ads Editor rules. Why they may be important for your accounts and the way you could use those pre-built rules.

If you have a favorite custom rule you’d like to share with us, please share below! Additionally, we can answer any questions you might have for us regarding the rules and SEM questions in general.