Google Ads Keywords Planner Tutorial

May 06, 2019

Google Ads Keywords Planner Tutorial. (Bonus: Basics of Ad Grouping).

As an SEM marketer I’ve used Google Ads’ Keywords Planner for many years. In my experience it is a necessary tool when estimating search volume you are planning to target with ads on Google and in finding closely related keyword ideas. Without it, it is impossible to build an effective search engine advertising campaign, no matter how small.

The planner has recently been updated. Its interface is a bit more modern and friendly to the eye. Its functionality improved as well.

While there is a bit of a learning curve in using the Keyword Planner, it is a useful and necessary tool for advertisers on Google. Choosing keywords to target on Google is half the battle in building successful SEM campaigns. So I’ve out together the basics of building a keyword plan in 10 minutes in the videos below.

Watch the screencast video to learn how to use the Keyword Planner filmed in April of 2019 here:

Video 1 (6:27 minutes)

Video 2 (4:57 minutes)

We review how to add seed keywords to the planner and understand the closely related keywords suggestions. In addition, we go briefly into the basics of ad grouping, and geo-target selections as well as budget estimates. Enjoy this overview, and please ask questions and post comments below!