Google’s Ad-Creation Tool – A Hidden Gem in an Advertiser’s Tool Kit

April 26, 2019

Google’s ad-creation tool – a great tool in advertiser’s tool kit that not many people know about.

There is an ad-creation tool available in Google Ads when “Display Network only” and “Search Network with Display Select – All features” campaign types are being used. With its help I’ve created many a successful lead generation campaigns over the years of being an SEM marketer.

Most recently, I’ve seen success while using the tool to create the responsive display ad (RDA) format that I would advise testing when running display campaigns in 2019.

For RDAs, the tool allows us to upload a variety of graphic assets called “main images” (i.e. product shots,designer-created image/text combinations, stock images available through the tool UI, and free-to-use images, etc.), and logos, up to 5 optional videos, and finally to add copy text. Lots of text in fact: up to five 30-character “short” headlines, a 90-character “long” headline, and up to five 90-character descriptions. Of course, there is no guarantee that all of that text that is added will run concurrently. In fact, it’d be weird if it did.

Testing for the best headline/description permutations for your campaign goal is pretty much built-in this ad format. If smart bidding technique is used as well, then the Google algorithm will also choose the best headline/description combinations based on various auction-level signals. For example, factors like the person’s age and income, the device they are on, geographic location, time of day, whether they belong to an audience in-market for the product or service being advertised, and even their search history may all enter into consideration in the bidding algorithm’s decision to increase or lower the bid.

The Ad-creation tool essentially automates most of the work for the advertisers by assembling a collection of creative assets to show to prospects. Google uses those campaign, or ad-group-level image libraries, to dynamically pull together an advert of a specific size accepted by the site hosting your ad. It can even create native-looking ads.

Another great feature of this tool is that advertisers can preview what the ads may look like in the most accepted sizes and formats and opt out of certain size ads altogether and optout of certain sizes if they want.

Have you used thead-creation tool in Google Ads? How about Responsive Display Ads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!