Portfolio Bid Strategies: How To Set It Up

October 04, 2022

Do you suffer from low-volume campaigns? Or would you like to control your budgets and bids in one place? If you have not heard of portfolio bid strategies, you have come to the right place. Portfolio bid strategies are a way to group campaigns, ad groups, and keywords into a goal-driven strategy. The best part, it is automated! 

To start, you need to access the Tools and settings tab, then click bid strategies.

Next, you will create a portfolio bid strategy. You will need to decide what your bidding strategy will be. Your options: Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions, Maximize Conversion Value, and Target Impression Share.

For example, if you choose to use a tCPA bidding strategy, you will need to fill out these sections. 

You need to:

  1.  Name your portfolio
  2. Choose the owner
  3. Choose your currency
  4. Choose which campaign you want in the portfolio
  5. Select a target CPA bid

It is important to choose the right CPA bid as this will be the shared bid across all of the campaigns in the portfolio.

This strategy typically works best when you have a large number of campaigns or you have a group of campaigns that are not performing well and are low volume (30 or fewer conversions per month). This example makes it easier to hit a specific CPA across multiple campaigns. Now that your portfolio bid strategy is set up, you are ready to control your budgets and bids effectively!