Structured Snippets Ad Extension Template for Google Ads

September 20, 2018

Structured snippets allow users to get a preview of what types of services or products your company has to offer. This helps the user learn about additional offers beyond the one product or service in the ad. Structured snippets appear beneath text ads and are made up of two elements:

  • A header, selected from a preset list provided by Google use, followed by
  • A list of values corresponding to that header, input by the user

Google rotates headers and values to identify which combination and order of values generates the best results. Therefore it is best to include as many relevant headers and values for your business/ad group/ or campaign as possible.

Some Important notes about Structured Snippets:

  • Like other non-clickable extensions, there is no cost associated for using structured snippets so ad as many as you can.
  • Your headers and values should match – having the header “Brands” with the value “New York” could result in the structured snippet being disapproved by Google.
  • Structured Snippets values have a 25 character limit and you must have at least 3 and as many as 10 Values for each Headline. Note that Google will cutoff values

Example of a Structured Snippet