Unlock Hidden Audiences for Your Facebook Ads Campaign

April 01, 2022

Many Facebook advertisers are targeting the exact same interests because they don’t know how to find more options. By default, Facebook retrieves between 15 to 20 interests, so if you choose from those first suggestions, you’ll face heavy competition and high CPMs.

So today, we will show you how to find hidden audiences that you can use for targeting your campaign using the Facebook Marketing API. 

Step 1: Create a Facebook App

The first thing you should do is go to the Apps section on Facebook for Developers. Then click on the “Create App” button to get started.

1.- https://developers.facebook.com/apps/create/

Step 2: Request an access token

Next, go to the following page:  https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer and request a token that you will need to authenticate yourself when using the Marketing API.

To request the token, first select the Application you’ve created in step 1. Next, click on the Get Token dropdown and select the option Get App Token. Then you will be able to see a line with numbers and letters (That is your token, and you will need it for the next step.)

Step 3. Active Your Token

Copy the link below and replace the word TOKEN with the actual token you have already created.



Then, replace the word “KEYWORD” for the actual keyword you want to look for audiences on the platform.


Step 4. Look for fresh audiences

Paste the link that you made on your browser and vuala. You will be able to find some hidden audiences related to your keyword.

You can change the KEYWORD from the link on your browser as many times as you need. 

We hope this method helps you find new audiences that allow you to decrease costs & improve the results of your campaign.