What is a Shopping Showcase Ad?

September 21, 2018

A showcase ad is a great way to help people discover your brand in a new way. It’s a unique property to Google, and it has a line of selections for marketers to leverage. You can showcase shopping ads that group together a selection of your products and offer them up as an ad creative and can include price, colors, descriptors, sales offer, etc. to ensure that these ads appear anytime the user decides to search for generic terms.

Showcase ads are only available in select countries, so advertisers must be aware of the availability of this type of ad in their location. You would need to create showcase shopping ads using the AdWords platform and integrate the AdWords API with your product catalogue. You would also have the option of advertising single products with the Product Shopping Ads as well.

What are its benefits?

Showcase ads are shown to shoppers that are in the research phase of their shopping journey, indicated by their search queries. They generally don’t include specific phrases or keywords in their queries and often times use generic keywords as part of their product research. Showcase ads, in these cases, can offer more context to the online shopper as they are designed to pique their interest and help them make more informed decisions while they are using Google’s search engine to shop.

Showcase Ads allow you to tailor which ads appear for specific keywords in your campaigns. You can customize your ads for broader key terms by using ads for a large variety of products and you can also customize them for more specific key terms using a specific range of products. Geolocation targeting for showcase ads ensure that your campaign is targeting users in specific regions that you would want to visit your website.

Settings, process and optimization

Showcase shopping ads appear on Google when someone searches with a more general term, such as “backpacks”. They would show relevant products together with lifestyle images that you choose to represent your brand or business. When someone clicks on your showcase ad, it expands into a creative that shows your products related to their search query. This is helpful as the automated system would decide which of your ads to show based which ad is more relevant to the user’s search query. As with other options in Google Ads, you can adjust bid settings depending on the user’s location, device, time of day they are running their search and more!

It is recommended to start with a large range of products to feature in your showcase shopping campaign to let Google determine which product ads to show and for Google to gather data on which ads perform the best. You can focus on leveraging effective creative and targeting so that you can create the most optimized campaign.