3 Keys to Win the Holiday with Facebook Ads in 2022

October 28, 2022

Holiday campaigns are ramping up, if not already ramped! In this blog I’ll share 3 keys to win the holiday frenzy on Facebook Ads. Google is already predicting the craze to start a bit earlier this year.

First is timeliness. Target and the major retailers are already pushing holidays in-store, but does this mean you should start pushing holiday sales digitally? No! You don’t want to be too early, Facebook is full of trolls and this could bring in some negative engagement to your ads. Instead, you should consider Facebook’s learning phase. How long does it typically take for your campaigns to complete the learning phase, do you get some many conversions that it only takes a few days, or typically are you going the full week? I’d recommend having at least 2 weeks of fully learned campaign spend. This will allow Facebook to properly optimize your campaigns to get the best results! You can even start with a smaller budget during this ‘learning phase’ and increase things as the holidays get closer. 

What’s timelessness without good creative? Your creative is important! You need to be able to catch the user’s attention as they’re scrolling through the 20th meme they’ve seen in the last 2 hours. Should you run creative that’s funny, professionally made, UGC?! That depends solely on your brand. DO NOT lose your brand identity during the holidays. You’ve worked hard to create this brand presence, there’s no need to sacrifice it here. Sure, an off-the-wall ad may go viral, but it could just as easily (and more likely) flop! Run a season-specific ad that reasognizaets best with your audience best on all the learnings and data you’ve gained throughout the year. Combine this with the next point for a sure win!

The last item to ensure a win is your offer. If a user sees the same old 10% off and free shipping messaging they’re not going to feel enticed to purchase. If you can, give a bigger offer like 30% when you spend over $100, something that really is worth purchasing your product. I’d also recommend sweetening the pot for past purchases. Upload a past purchaser list into Facebook and give these users a ‘thanks for buying a loyal customer here’s x% off just for you’. We typically see these re-engagement offers perform quite well. 

Combining these three keys will help you win the holiday craze on Facebook Ads.