All Targeting Options on LinkedIn Ads

October 20, 2022

LinkedIn has a plethora of targeting options. We come up with a targeting ‘map for each of our clients, then revisit this 1-2x per quarter

As such, we often ‘interview’ our clients to get their thoughts on targeting. Doing this, however, can be rather cumbersome if you aren’t in the LinkedIn ads UI.

As such, we’ve created an excel file with about 80% of the options available in LI. Use this file if you’d like to get a sense of targeting options without actually going into the UI.

Here are the options broken up by if they related to the ‘company’ or the ‘person’

People Related Targeting Options
– Gender
– Age
– Seniority
– Degree
– Field of Study
– Language
– Function
– Skill
– Title
– Country/location
– Retargeting
– Member School
– years of experience
– Interests
– Traits

Company Related Targeting
– Company Size
– Industry
– Function
– Growth Rate
– Company Revenue
– “Category” (Forbes lists, LI bundles, etc.)


ALL LI Targeting Options 10.19.2022 – Blog Version