How To Create a Lead Form In Facebook

December 02, 2022

Lead Generation is one type of campaign objective on Facebook. Typically we use lead forms to get information about potential customers who are interested in your products/services. You can collect basic information such as name, email, phone number and more. These forms also allow you to add custom questions to help you understand your potential prospects and reach your business goals! 

In Facebook, they identify Lead Forms as Instant Forms. It can be a bit tricky to navigate to this page, let us show you how! 

1. From the Facebook Ads Manager page locate the three bars onto the left, and click on Meta Business Suite


2. Select all tools


3. Select Instant Forms


4. Click create a form. Here you have an option to start fresh or duplicate and existing form. If you already have one available, you can duplicate and existing form to save you time from creating a new one!

5. This is where you will decide to include an introduction, questions, privacy policy, and a thank you screen. You have the freedom to customize the questions which your form will include. Before this lead form can be created, it is mandatory that you include a privacy policy link to the form. This can be found on your client’s website if it isn’t there already. 


6. Once you are done entering your information and are happy with the preview, you can go ahead and publish your instant form. From there, you can connect this form to your lead gen ad and you are ready to go! 

To test this form, we use this tool 

You can edit the information you send by hitting ‘preview form’ first. This will help you ensure your forms are properly connected to your CRM