How to Create LinkedIn Document Ads, Even If You Don’t Understand LinkedIn’s User Interface

November 01, 2022

When a platform announces a new creative ad type, it’s rather exciting for paid media professionals. You feel like the Batman when Lucius Fox hands him a new expensive gadget to become the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs.

Your Lucius Fox this time around is none other than LinkedIn with a new gadget at your disposal called LinkedIn Document Ads (and they might’ve been expensive to develop as well).

It’s important to understand LinkedIn Document Ads because they give you the ability to add rocket fuel to your lead generation efforts and position yourself as an authority in your space.

Having personally launched a good amount of LinkedIn Document Ads here at Four15Digital I want to share with you everything I wish I would’ve known before and after launching LinkedIn Document Ads because unlike the gadgets Lucious Fox give Bruce Wayne ~cough~ I mean Batman ~cough~ – LinkedIn’s gadget requires some explanation.

What Are LinkedIn Document Ads

As a user is scrolling through LinkedIn, LinkedIn Document Ads appear on their feed.

Without having to exit LinkedIn the user can interact with your document.

However, you as the advertiser are in full control of how many pages the user can view. You can grant them full access or create a content wall where the user must complete a Lead Gen Form before acquiring full access.

How To Create a LinkedIn Document Ad

(If you need extra support on campaign creation, check out our latest LinkedIn Campaign Creation post here)

1.  Access your Campaign Manager and click on Create Ad
2. Name your campaign then based off your goals select either Brand Awareness, Engagement, or Lead Generation.
3. Implement your targeting
4. Select the “Document Ad” ad format
5. Complete the Budget & Schedule and Bidding
6. Setup Conversion Tracking and Click Next
7. Click on Create New Ad
8. Complete the requested fields, upload your document and decide how many pages you wish to be viewable.
9. Select your lead gen form

10. Review Order then launch your campaign!


There is no doubt that LinkedIn Document Ads are a great tool to boost your marketing efficiency. Being able to provide your target audience with an insightful document is an easy way to cultivate relationships while building brand authority in your space.

Knowing this — research what questions your target audience might have and create a LinkedIn Document ad around that. Eventually, you’ll be the hero they deserve AND need in their lives!

Insider Tips and Warnings:

  • Ensure you have the appropriate admin access to create document ads
  • Document Ad Requirements:
    • File types:
      • PDF
      • DOC
      • DOCX
      • PPT
      • PPTX
    • Limits:
      • 300 Pages or 1MM Words
    • Aspect Ration
      • Vertical
      • Horizontal
      • Square
    • Size:
      • 100MB
    • For more specifications click here.
  • Warnings: (as of today 10/31/2022)
    • You cannot duplicate LinkedIn Document Ads
    • After you’ve selected the page limit and finalize the ad you cannot go back and edit the page limit.
    • You can only preview the document ad on mobile after it’s been created.
    • You cannot preview the LinkedIn document ad while you’re creating it.