Intro into Facebook Audience Insights

June 26, 2019

In this blog I’ll be providing an in depth look into what the Facebook Audience Insights tool is and how you can use it.

Where to find Audience Insights tool

First you must be logged into your business manager or ad account. Once there select the menu icon in the top left corner

From there, under the plan section select Audience Insights. You’ll then be directed to the tool!

How to use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool

In the audience insights tool you are able to create and save audiences as well as get a more in depth look into the users you’ll be targeting

How to create an audience

Once you’re in the audience insights tool you can select from a variety of targeting options:

You can use any combination of options to build out your perfect audience. For example, if you have a product that you want to market towards women under 40 with children up to age 5 you can quickly build out this audience.

Once you have all your targeting options selected that you want you can either save the audience for later or click create ad and begin building some ads in your new campaign!

Building an audience within the audience insights tool is simple and straightforward, but it’s not what the tool was solely intended to do.

Understanding Audience Insights

The most powerful reason for using this tool is so that you can get a bit more information on the audiences you are creating and wanting to target. Important note – you can only use audiences created with Facebook’s core audience options, no custom audiences will work with this tool.

Take the moms under 40 with kids up to 5 years old audience. Facebook’s Audience Insights tool gives you a look into the demographics of this audience you just made. You know that you are targeting women under 40, but what percentage are under 25? Well, the Audience Insights tool gives you this information. Facebook will also show you how many users are in this audience, so that you make sure you don’t get overly granular in your targeting settings.

They grey bars are all Facebook users while the blue bars are just users within the audience you’ve made.

You can also see relationship status, education level, and job titles so that you can make sure you’re really targeting the proper users.

Not only do you get an in depth look at demographic information of your created audience, but you can also see what types of pages these users interact with on Facebook. You can see top categories as well as actual pages that Facebook deems most relevant to your audience.

The page likes section has an affinity metric which is simply how much more likely is someone in your audience to like that specific page in comparison to everyone else on Facebook. For example, if a page has an affinity of 100x, users within your audience are 100 times more likely to like that specific page. This will help you understand if your new moms under 40 with kids up to 5 y.o. are the right users to target. If you see lots of pages that are complete opposite of your product or offer you may need to make some adjustments to your settings.

Facebook’s Audience Insights also gives you a look into how active the users within your audience are in comparison to the rest of Facebook.

In the graph above users within this audience have clicked on an ad 30 times (blue bar) over the last 30 days on average in comparison to the rest of the Facebook’s users who’ve clicked on an ad 16 times (grey bar) in the last 30 days on average. This will help you give you an idea of how much engagement; likes, comments, shares, etc., or how many ad clicks you can expect from your audience. If you goal is to drive users to your website and you see that users within this audience don’t click on ads very much in comparison to the rest of Facebook, it might be worth it to try a few other targeting settings.

With Facebook Ads, one of the most important things after your offer is ensuring your ads are hitting the right users. The Audience Insights tools helps advertisers not only build audiences quickly, but check and make sure that the users are the right users and also have a history of engaging with ads on Facebook. If you’re having trouble finding the right users to target or haven’t been able to make Facebook ads work for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Four15 Digital.